What is Yumeiho therapy?

Yumeiho therapy Madeira Funchal

Japanese Yumeiho therapy is based on the belief that our pelvis is the center and foundation of our skeleton. Any asymmetry of the pelvic position would be the start of many diseases. The most important goal of Yumeiho therapy is to correct the pelvis, to adjust the spine, to mobilize natural forces of the organism and to eliminate the cause of the pathological condition.

Pelvic asymmetry changes a location of the center of gravity of our body, causing the spine, joints and muscles to malfunction. What does that mean? That means that one side of the pelvis is higher than the other. This asymmetry becomes a reason for the apparent abbreviation of the leg. This abbreviation comes from the fact that the leg is raised in the higher hip joint. The consequence of this is the disorder of circulation and the restriction of the movement of this joint. That “shorter” leg becomes weaker. Body weight is mainly on the long leg (stronger). If this situation stays for a long time, that leg will be overloaded. The hip joint moves slowly forward and to the middle. The legs will have the same length or an overloaded leg will become shorter. The spine starts to lean towards the shorter leg.

Ultimately the asymmetry of the pelvis can become the cause of many musculoskeletal diseases. This is due to the asymmetrical effect and the overloading of one side of the body. The most common symptoms are: back pain, lumbago, tingling in the limbs, headache, hernia, sciatica. Patients can also complain about the problems of internal organs. A common cause of these symptoms is a compression of the nerves through the spine. Those nerves invade the organ or its environment. Yumeiho therapy efficiently eliminates these problems, of course if their cause lies in the spine (because of course there are other reasons for these disorders).

Yumeiho therapy is a therapeutic system that consists of a number of procedures (depending on the pathological condition). A procedure takes around 60 minutes where a therapist uses around 100 different techniques. Yumeiho treatment contains: massage by kneading and compression, and mobilization of the all joints in an original and pain-free way. These factors lead to muscle relaxation, improving blood flow to all elements of the joint, and the proper functioning of the physiological ranges for them. The result is a significant improvement or solving of existing problems. Yumeiho therapy is performed by physiotherapists with years of experience.

Yumeiho therapy can treat many diseases, for example:

  • Lumbago;
  • Sciatica;
  • Pain in the hip joints, knees, ankles, toes and ribs;
  • Headache;
  • Stiffness or pain in the shoulders;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Menstrual pain;
  • Irregular menstruation;
  • Scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine;
  • Diseases of the liver, stomach, intestines, heart, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, bladder, etc.

Yumeiho therapy also helps patients with hypertension and hypo-tension.

In addition, improve general condition for patients with serious diseases, which modern medicine is difficult to cure.

Of course Yumeiho is not a solution for everything. If someone has very advanced degenerative changes of the spine, therapy cannot reverse those changes. These people can function much better through therapy.

Treatment is performed fully clothed in comfortable and loose trousers or tights and T-shirt

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