What is S. I-therapy?

S. I-therapy

It is a totally painless Japan spine-therapy!

It is a brilliant Japan therapy that treats spine and motion sicknesses. It is nowadays widespread in Japan so we can say it is one of the most effective therapies but it is not known in Europe yet.

There are chiropractors in Japan who use only this therapy instead of chiropracting.

The therapy’s essence: the joint (called S.I joint) between the sacro-bone and hip-bone is moved, therefore the tension in the joint is eased and that reduces or ends lower-back pain.

Professor Hakata (who has developed this therapy in Japan) thinks that mostly S.I joint is responsible for lower-back pain if it is under tension. In many cases, lower-back pain has not been solved after spinal disc herniation has been operated. That is why he had started to search the reason of pain in the background. It has been cleared that disfunction of S.I joint is the reason of pain. This therapy helps to end this disfunction.

The therapy itself can be applied for several kind of lower-back pain. It can happen that your lower-back pain is not caused by spinal disc herniation, ischialgia or lumbago, but only caused by the disfunction of your S.I joint.

Therefore, it is worth trying it.

This therapy is not chiropractic, during it S.I joint is moved 2-3 mm, totally painless and takes a short time. It is not stressful for the patient as well, this therapy is very soft, and can help almost everyone.

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