What is a Tantra Massage?

Tantric MassageA tantra massage is a unique experience in which affectionate and refined touch is used in order to open and relax. The strokes in a tantra massage are very gentle and slow helping you to feel complex pleasant sensations all over the body, triggering an intense flow of erotic energies while you are fully present and relaxed.

The entire atmosphere created during a tantra massage will make you feel totally safe, respected and cared for. You will gradually become able to let go of the mind, experiencing a new way of being, a sense of inner freedom and joyful expansion.

It is important to specify that a tantra massage is not a sexual experience but rather a spiritual one, offering you the possibility to explore some of the deepest aspects of your soul, encouraging you to accept and embrace yourself just as you are.

A tantra massage session lasts 2 hours, a time which is necessary for you to completely relax your body and find the inner balance that will bring you in a kind of meditative state. In such state you almost forget about the outer world and realise the beauty and complexity of your inner world.

Most of the people who try a tantra massage usually want to repeat it again and again.

TrustThe speed of events in everyday life, the main orientation of the attention on the exterior and the exaggerate use of reasoning and logic when taking decisions, make people become more and more numb, insensitive to signals coming from the body and heart, ignoring their own feelings and inner voice. This is the price for living a “normal life”.

But as Alan Dapre said “Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?”

It’s worth asking ourselves this question and eventually to remember that we have at our disposal at any moment emotions, feelings, intuitions and inspirations that can greatly enrich our life.

If you don’t have any artistic preoccupation (like painting, dancing, acting, singing … etc) or constant practice of yoga or meditation, which usually brings balance and alignment with your inner world, a tantra massage can be an extraordinary experience for you.

I consider that a tantra massage is one of the most precious gifts you can offer to yourself or to the people you love.

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