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We offer to bring balance and joy in your life.

Activities that imply yoga, mindfulness, massage and different forms of therapies that are capable to remove stress and bring the person in a state of harmony.

Based on more than 12 years of experience in this field we have structured some essential steps to help you regain the energy and wellbeing you deserve.

We understand how energy works and what elements to use in order to stimulate and empower a person who have lost motivation or resources to live life in its essential aspects.

You can choose any program that you consider it fits your needs on the moment or you can write us an email (see our contact page), telling us a little bit about yourself and we will suggest you what to begin with.

90 min – 30 euros1. Private yoga

45 min – 40 euros2. Energy/emotional healing

1 hour – 50 euros3. Full body relaxation massage – In this session you will be spoiled from toes to head with gentle or hard massage techniques (according to your choice)so stagnant energies can be activated and helped to flow, giving you a new sense of aliveness and joy.

1 hour – 50 euros4. Sport massage

1 hour – 50 euros5. Deep tissue massage

1 hour – 50 euros6. Reflexology – Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary health therapy that can be effective in promoting deep relaxation and well-being; by reducing stress in people’s lives can be key in optimising good health and building resilience.

Read more about Reflexology-therapy.

1 hour – 60 euros7. Madeira Joyful detox – First important step in regaining a state of wellbeing is to eliminate negative or toxic energies that you might carry on the emotional, mental and body level. Some people imagine that detox programs require big sacrifices or expensive supplements and boring diets. We offer you a joyful alternative with noticeable effects after the first visit.

By the use of specific therapeutic exercises, foot bath, music therapy, aromatherapy and massage you will feel regenerated and motivated to integrate in your life new perspectives on health and bio living.

1 hour – 50 euros8. Gestalt therapy – This is a form of therapy talk that helps you experience the connection between your body, emotions and thoughts in the present moment and encourages you to take responsibility for everything you want to change.

1 hour – 50 euros9. Yumeiho massage – Yumeiho massage is a form of massage that activates the self-healing forces of the organism by setting the vertebral column, pelvis and all joints correctly.

Read more about Yumeiho therapy.

1 hour – 50 euros10. S. I-spine therapy – S. I-spine therapy is a totally painless Japan spine-therapy. It is a brilliant Japan therapy that treats spine and motion sicknesses.

Read more about S. I-therapy.

1 hour – 60 euros11. Infra-red & Massage – Infra-red heat reduces stress by loosening the muscles and relaxing the body. Its gentle warmth, allied to effective massage, soothes jagged nerves and knotted muscles leaving patients feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

90 min – 100 euros12. Couple therapy – A session for couples who want to restore the connection and attraction they lost or are interested to learn more how to improve their relationship.

2 hours – 150 euros13. Tantra massage – It is unique experience that unifies the body, the heart and the mind and gives you a new perspective upon the quality of life.

Please read more about tantra massage.

3,5 hours – 250 euros14. Tantra for couples

3 hours – 200 euros15. Sexual therapyThis is not a sexual service! Sexuality is an important aspect in everyone’s life and still not enough explored and understood.

Please read more about sexual therapy.

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