The Ideal Partner

Ideal partner

For many people it is not easy to find the ideal partner. To have a nice love relationship it is obvious that you must find a partner first, but I often meet people who want a relationship and do nothing constructive to get it.

Tantra teaches us that the living conditions in which we find ourselves are (among other things) the result of our own thoughts and actions. In tantra we try to create certain resonances through yoga, meditation and other exercises in order to create the desired situation for ourselves. Just waiting for the right partner is no longer an option!

You can start with a simple step, and think about which type of partner you would like to have. Take pen and paper and describe your ideal partner. What characteristics does he or she have? What does he look like? How is she kissing? What kind of hobbies does he have? In which phase of life is this person? Make your list as extensive as possible. Did you write a full page? Well done! Top 10

Now make a top 10 out of this. Which points are the most important for you? Make a nice peace of art from your top 10 list and look at it regularly.

People often do not clearly outline their wishes. You’re happy now, because knowing what you find important in a partner helps you to attract someone who fits. You no longer have to spend time on dates with potential partners that you do not really like…

Do you always meet the same ‘wrong’ types? Look again at your description of the ideal partner and ask yourself: which man or woman would suit this person? Also make this list as detailed as possible and read it carefully again. If you find out that the man or woman who fits your ideal partner does not look like you at all, then you know why you attract the wrong types. Think about your wish list again and adapt in necessary.

And after find the ideal partner they lived happily ever after? This is absolutely possible, but usually does not happen automatically. More about that another time.