Tantric Alchemy

TantraDesire, sexual attraction, sensuality, pleasure, intense emotions and profound feelings…. they all transport us into a world full of promises and magic delights…. but with one condition…. to consciously perceive the invisible aspect of them, the energy that trigger them, amplify them, and gradually decrease them. This awareness upon every little detail of an experience is the magic formula for becoming a true tantric practitioner.

While most of people tend to get lost into the intensity of desires and sexual pleasures, tantrics remind us that a deeply fulfilling erotic experience is attained when we learn to perceive and feel beyond the physical sensation. For that we need to understand the nature of vibration and develop our capacity to track the multitude of subtle connections between different planes of manifestation: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. If the basic sexual desire is the only emotion experienced and doesn’t progress from a lower organic level to a more subtle emotional level, than there is no genuine alchemy.

Tantric alchemy implies a profound knowledge of your own sexuality, a total control over this powerful energy, the existence of pure love and the aspiration to transcend limitative believes.

The physical form of desire and sexual pleasure is often the source of suffering and confusion. For short moments of sexual satisfaction and sporadic connection some people pay a life time of suffering and tears.

And this is happening only because we have forgotten to really smell, taste, touch and deeply dive into the nature of eroticism that goes beyond the visible, uniting our spirits and lifting us to a superior dimension where we have access to spiritual freedom.

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