Esoteric Tantra – Funchal, Madeira Island

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Esoteric Tantra - Funchal, Madeira

Esoteric Tantra has an educative and therapeutic approach to tantra focusing on understanding, integrating and balancing all forms of energies and experiences that you encounter in your life. Esoteric Tantra offers a very practical perspective on ancient knowledge and it guides you to get in touch with your deepest nature. The combination of teachings and […]

Tantra massage for women

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Tantra Massage for Women, Funchal, Madeira

A tantra massage can be a great opportunity for you to connect with your entire body in ways you never thought is possible. It is a beautiful journey in which you discover gradually your boundaries, your fears, your insecurities related to your sexuality, learning to respect and accept yourself, healing painful memories and inviting more […]