“Silence” and not “distance” separates people, so stay in touch

Stay in touch

Nowadays we can stay in touch much easier with friends and family, thanks to the modern technology, correct? But how come it also separates people? We communicate in a different way than before. We send a message to someone  just to say ´hi´. The application shows: message sent, message delivered, message read … But sometimes the person on the other side of the screen does not respond. So you send another message that is seen and ignored again. Then you may realize that the other person does not even send an emoticon to show that they are there. To read a message and do not respond is – in almost all cases – inelegant and shows disrespect to the one who sent the message. And respect is a very important thing in all relationships.

“Our world has never had so much communication, and our loneliness has never been so dramatic,” said Mia Couto in one of her lectures. Once our sent message is ignored we think: “Did I say something wrong?” Never before has indifference, disguised by technology, destroyed as many expectations as today. Indifference is the art of disdain, it afflicts the soul, which can drown the most basic feelings of a heart. Practicing indifference is practicing inhumanity.

Ignoring the one who wrote us a letter, left a voicemail or sent us a hello through social networks is disrespectful. Even if you do not want to receive anymore messages from a person let’s be kind and say it. At least the other person can respond to this. Believe me, this is more “delicate” than the silence of indifference.

It is not the distance that separates people. But silence, coldness, indifference and lack of dialogue or attention creates gaps between people. With small gestures of attention and respect for the other society can change. If it is true that disdain, indifference and insensitivity can kill souls, it is also true that gestures of education can reinvigorate them.

And this is worth more than a thousand kisses…