Sexual Therapy

This is not a sexual service!

Sexuality is an important aspect in everyone’s life and still not enough explored and understood.

Most of people still expect things to work by magic or “naturally”, often without learning how their sexuality works or being really curious what their partner needs in terms of sexual desire and pleasure.

The lack of communication, inhibitions, emotional traumas and the fear to be rejected or misunderstood makes even more difficult the approach and the possibility to find a way to improve the sexual life.e.

Love & Trust

Sexual therapy sessions are designed to help you deal with any issues related to sexuality and intimacy.

In the case of women: frigidity, low libido, pain during sexual act, difficulty to reach orgasm can be gradually eliminated when correctly addressed.

In the case of men: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, anxiety related to sexuality can also be gradually eliminated when the root cause is understood and certain exercises are practiced.

The sessions include around one hour therapy talk in which we find out the cause of the issue, I teach certain exercises for improving awareness and strength in the sexual muscles and the session also includes tantra massage for removing tensions and blockages in the body, allowing the person to experience openness, intimacy, refined pleasure and a sense of love, acceptance and self worth.

In between the sessions certain exercises or attitudes have to be practiced so you learn how to orient the sexual energy and to align it with other forms of energy in your being.

The sessions take place in a very calm and safe atmosphere, with competent guidance, allowing you to open gradually and redefine your boundaries.

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