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Our Prices

Pain free with infrared light15 euros – 30 min
Yumeiho massage40 euros – 1 hour
Yoga class group sessions8 euros per session
30 euros per month
Yoga class individual session 30 euros
Full body relaxation massage40 euros – 1 hour
Gestalt therapy talk40 euros – 1 hour
Madeira Joyful detox50 euros – 1 hour
Infrared & Massage50 euros – 1 hour
Couple therapy100 euros – 90 min
Tantra massage 2 hours session 150 euros – 2 hours
Sexual therapy 2-3 hours session 200 euros – 2-3 hours

For an appointment or session(s) request, please use the web-form below to select the desired therapy. Fill in as much as possible the details in the form and press send.

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