The power of touching and being touched!

Touching hands

Touching and being touched is essential for our physical and emotional health. By touching each other for a few minutes or even a few seconds you can harmonize energies and restore contact.

Touching let us literally ‘feel’ each other, and this can reduce frustrations and anger with each other. Holding each other’s hand helps to talk about difficult issues.

When people touch each other, a hormone called Oxycontin is brought into our bloodstream. This strengthens affection, reduces tension and increases the production of sex hormones. In women it strengthens their sexual receptivity and in men it increases the sensitivity of their lingam (penis) and strengthens the erection.

If they are not regularly lovingly touched, women can become depressed and lose interest in sex, while men often become more aggressive and lose interest in touches that are not sexual: the recipe for disharmony in a relationship.

Holding each other’s hand and embracing each other is not only emotionally satisfying, it is also physiologically necessary. Our hormones form loops of positive feedback: the more we are touched, the more we welcome the touch, and the more we make love, the more we are open to make love. Unfortunately, the negative feedback loop is equally powerful, putting couples in vicious circles of separateness where they do not touch each other and make love. Because we are creatures of habit, if we do something today, it is more likely that we will do so tomorrow. In the case of sex, both habits and hormones can encourage us. Make sure that the feedback loop continues to run in the right direction!

(Free from: ‘The Multi-org. Pair’ of Chia and Abrams).