Madeira Island

Madeira Island is the ideal holiday destination where you can combine its positive energy with yoga.

In the past the main reason that people visited Madeira was to relax and recover: in other words wellness was, in fact, the first reason why tourism started in Madeira. Visitors came to escape the stormy winters, to enjoy the benefits of the beautiful landscapes, amazing food and good hospitality.

Madeira is the lively archipelago in Portugal, located in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, are an oasis of beauty, rich in exotic flowers and lush nature. I believe that you will remember your yoga retreat in Madeira as pure pleasure for your senses! Besides yoga, I also recommend you to go on a sailing trip or a long walk in the forest. Enjoy inner peace and relaxation by combining your visit with a yoga workshop in this enchanting destination!

The island emits calm and peaceful, surrounded by nature, with breathtaking landscapes. You can practically practice Yoga and Meditation anywhere on the island, and be surrounded by serenity.

Madeira Island

The atmosphere all around is very relaxed, the locals are very kind and hospitable. Madeira is adapted to the tastes of all travellers and offers all kinds of accommodation. From small houses in the mountains to luxurious hotels in the capital, you will certainly succeed in finding your happiness.

Madeira island is a safe, peaceful and perfect place to un-stress during your holidays. Funchal, the capital city, is a small compared to other European cities, but you can make beautiful walks, enjoy shopping or visit its beautiful gardens.

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