Individual yoga classes in Madeira

Individual yoga classes in Madeira

An individual yoga class can be the perfect solution for someone who is not yet familiar with this practice. Nowadays, more and more people are interested in using yoga to manage stress, back pain or any other imbalances they might be experiencing. Sometimes attending a group yoga class which has been running for some time might not be the perfect solution for you, as many of the exercises will feel alien to you due to the lack of proper preparation and explanation that has been previously offered beforehand to the other participants.

An individualized session will focus on your specific needs, offering you the space to assimilate some theoretical notions that will help you open up and integrate efficiently this practice into your daily life. Also the exercises will be selected according to your necessity.
Sometimes when yoga is taken as an isolated experience (for example you just want to try it) without a proper understanding of how energy works and how it is experienced during the yoga session it can leave you disappointed or with minimal results. However when properly explained it can open up a new dimension in your existence giving you the results you were looking for and potentially more than you may even have imagined.

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On Madeira Island you have the possibility to book your individual yoga session at The Universe of Inner Alchemy, a wellness studio that you find in the center of Funchal just next to the Cathedral. Every day between 10 am and 8 pm, except Sundays, you can choose the time interval that best fits your schedule.

An individual yoga class lasts 90 min and costs 30 euros.

Looking forward to sharing with you my experience as a yoga teacher and practitioner,