Quarrel with your partner? Tips on how to reach a compromise

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Relationship problems, quarrel

Quarrel, it happens even to the best couples. And although the reason for the quarrel can be very different, there are still some rules that you should always follow if you want to come to a solution in a good way. Timing is everything Although it may seem logical to express your frustration when you […]

“Silence” and not “distance” separates people, so stay in touch

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Stay in touch

Nowadays we can stay in touch much easier with friends and family, thanks to the modern technology, correct? But how come it also separates people? We communicate in a different way than before. We send a message to someone  just to say ´hi´. The application shows: message sent, message delivered, message read … But sometimes […]

The power of touching and being touched!

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Touching hands

Touching and being touched is essential for our physical and emotional health. By touching each other for a few minutes or even a few seconds you can harmonize energies and restore contact. Touching let us literally ‘feel’ each other, and this can reduce frustrations and anger with each other. Holding each other’s hand helps to […]

The Ideal Partner

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Ideal partner

For many people it is not easy to find the ideal partner. To have a nice love relationship it is obvious that you must find a partner first, but I often meet people who want a relationship and do nothing constructive to get it. Tantra teaches us that the living conditions in which we find […]