About Me

Althea AlchemyI am at the point in my life where I feel ready to share my knowledge and my experience with all those who are searching for more meaning and more value in their interactions with the others and with the world.

More than 20 years of yoga and tantra practice didn’t offer me only the opportunity to keep myself young and healthy but also allowed me to build a solid base for my self-development and a continuous invitation to practice detachment, love, trust and inner freedom.

I love myself and I love my life, and it hasn’t been always like that. Like many others I had to struggle with many moments of confusion and misunderstandings about my own role and place in this big world. Half of my life I have looked towards the exterior to receive a confirmation for what I was doing. What was allowed, accepted or correct? And all this time my own perceptions, feelings and dreams were ignored because nobody ever told me that the answers I was looking for and the truth resides inside of me.

How many of you recognize this pattern? How many still have hidden questions that don’t dare to ask or don’t believe is worth trying to answer? How many still ignore some deep desires or dreams of their hearts?

I am here to tell you that all that you wish and dream is possible for you. You just need to dare to ask and eventually to go and take it. The reason people don’t have what they wish is mostly related to passivity, endless waiting and doubting that is possible.

What a pity!

We have been told that others know better than us how we should live our lives, what we have to study and who is worth to love.

During many years of yoga and tantra practice I came to re-establish a better and better connection with myself, with my inner world of thoughts and feelings. I have learned to cut away everything that was not mine. False family and social believes, religious and cultural conditionings, lies that we have been told for centuries through media. And indeed the process might be scary; suddenly you don’t feel you belong to a family that wants to control your future or to a society that wants to control your destiny.

So, to whom you belong in the end?

Through my life experience I came to realize that ultimately I belong to God, the One who truly created me and to Whom I will return in the end. He is the one thinking through me, loving through me and permanently living an unpredictable experience through me. He gave me this gift called LIFE and I give him back recognition and gratitude for every single moment I am alive.

And I am not the only one reaching this understanding. Spiritual masters, monks and devotees from any spiritual tradition or even simple people who sincerely stay in touch with their hearts, came to realize sooner or later that the Source of everything that exists which is God the Supreme Creator gives us the meaning we are looking for.

It is my wish to help, guide or inspire all those who are also in search for meaning in their lives. I am a passionate practitioner of inner alchemy by use of yoga, tantra, meditation and therapy. In my activity I like to combine notions and exercises from all these areas in order to meet the needs of each person I meet.

I strongly believe that we can create consciously the life we wish to live by using the universal laws, finding deep fulfilment in everything we do.

This universe- our home, is full of mysteries and possibilities.

This life- our journey, can be a celebration of creativity and love.

This time-now is the perfect moment to begin.