A unique experience in Madeira – a professional tantra massage (Why & How)

Profesional Tantra Massage

Madeira Island is indeed a paradise on earth. All year round the green and sunshine makes it perfect for long walks in the nature and contemplation. And tantric teachings can go hand in hand with your need to recharge and relax. Particularly if you go through any kind of crisis that affects your well-being, a tantra massage can restore your balance and give you a new perspective upon the actions that you need to take.

Contrary to what most of people know, tantra is not about sex, but rather about sensuality and life in its totality, including sexuality. A tantra massage is an invitation to relax and open under the hand that touches you with a sacred attitude. Did you ever touch a rare piece of art? Did you feel how your fingertips and your palm suddenly received a multitude of sensations and that piece of art seems to talk to you in a way you couldn’t think it’s possible before? This is how an authentic tantra masseuse touches the body… she is all amazed by the complexity of sensations that are ready to get to life, always in a contemplative state and perfectly aware of her own body, she is ready to awaken energies that have been sleeping for too long time or used improperly.

Sexuality is often repressed, neglected, misunderstood and therefore can become a source of confusion or drama in people’s lives.

But when is accepted and empowered, the sexuality is capable of revitalising the body, healing emotional traumas and bringing peace in the mind. It can be hard for a person who never experienced an authentic tantra massage to understand that empowering sexual energy is not about sex but rather a way to …

  • release negative emotions, sexual trauma, fear of intimacy
  • boost confidence and body image
  • improve relationships
  • awaken the senses and allow a more expanded view on sensuality
  • experience more pleasure and satisfaction
  • encourage sex to be a whole body and loving experience that can allow a woman to experience full body orgasms
  • overcome sexual issues
  • reveal your true identity that goes much beyond the physical body
  • expand the consciousness
  • unite the masculine and the feminine energies, sexuality with spirituality.

Being such a complex experience, a session of tantra massage lasts 2 – 2,5 hours, starting and ending with a talk for making sure that your certain needs and boundaries are respected and you feel safe.

As a certified gestalt therapist, undergoing 4,5 years education in this aria, I am aware of the importance of respecting your confidentiality and trust.

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Tantra Massage

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